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Do You Know How to Support Your Health & Well-Being

While Nourishing Your Immune System!

Citrus Fruits
Immunity Kit
Immunity Kit Basket
Elder Berry Syrup
Colloidal Silver
Cell Salts
Organic Tea
Essential Oil Dropper

Immunity Kit Information

Fresh Green Juice
Fruits and Vegetables
Team Meeting
Herbal Tea
Potatoes and Roots
Cooking Class
Tea Pot
Crate of Fresh Fruit
Soup & Ladle
Herbal Remedies
Golden Tea
Organic Vegetables

What Is Covered During An In-Home Immunity Class?

This in-home gathering involves educational material covering and reviewing the importance of foods, herbs, and healing recipes, as well as discussing the significance of foods and ingredients that can either elevate or decline our immune system.  Additionally, covering an introduction and suggestions for specific foods with written categories and lists of suggestions that will benefit you when feeling run down or unwell with specific conditions and/or symptoms with your immunity and overall vitality for yourself or for your loved ones.  This is an empowering way of establishing and safeguarding what you put in and, on your body, to enhance and ensure optimal health within your immune system and your energy of your life-force energy! They say Stress is the #1 cause of Dis-Ease and by feeding your body chemically unfit foods and ingredients it is constantly working to balance and align you, but you have the power to reinforce and support your body and immune system by the lifestyle choices that you can freely make!

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