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"Every one of us have inside of us the innate, infinite power to heal and help another through the impact of our LOVE" ​ ~ Deeya

My name is Traci Shetler, CTN, CBCP, CECP, Bach Level 1 Practitioner, COTA, and I am awaiting to take the Board exam for Doctor of Naturopathy.  Formerly, I had experience working as a Licensed Certified Occupational Therapist Assistant for over 18 years specializing with the Geriatrics, Outpatient/Rehab, and Myofascial Release Techniques, which I loved. I have also completed training in Level 1,2,3, and Advanced Energy classes with Healing in America. As well as becoming a Certified Traditional Naturopath (CTN), Certified Body Code® Practitioner (CBCP), Certified Emotion Code® Practitioner (CECP.)  Furthermore, I am currently working on a HeartMath Certification Program. I have been dreaming of opening my own clinic for many years, as I have had several intense health issues that through independent research, dedication, will-power, visualization, The Emotion Code®, clearing my Heart-Wall, herbal supplements, flower essences, essential oils, personal diet and nutritional review and lifestyle change have had magnificent healing results overall. Through these encounters and continual perseverance, I have become consciously aware of the significance to share my knowledge and experiences to enlighten, encourage, support, and guide others to discover their own personal healing pathway physically, emotionally, and spiritually by facilitating clearing and releasing unnecessary energetic distortions, beliefs, and programming held within the body, mind, and spirit. By recognizing and creating an energy field from chaos to order and tuning the heart and brain into coherence the body has the innate intelligence and ability to be revitalized


Blessings and Gratitude,

~Traci Shetler

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