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Natural Health Services & Options

Welcome to Up North Natural Health and Wellness, where we are passionate about helping you live a healthier, happier life. As someone who has overcome intense health issues, I know firsthand the power of natural health modalities. That's why I've dedicated my life to learning and practicing a variety of natural approaches to self-healing. Let me guide you on your own journey to wellness, using the very same techniques that helped me regain my health.


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Traci is very informative and has all the tools to help one get better, she goes above and beyond. She wants to teach people what they can do for their own lives to live the best quality life possible and help them get to their end goal! 

| Overall 5 | Punctuality 5 | Value 5 | Service 5 |

"Courtney T."


Disclaimer: Any healing art modalities used in person or by proxy is not a substitute for medical care. This information is not intended as medical advice and therefore should not replace medical diagnosis or treatment as I, Traci Shetler am not a licensed healthcare practitioner. I am a Certified Traditional Naturopath, Body Code Practitioner, and Emotion Code Practitioner practicing under the guidelines of my certifications. This information is not intended to create any physician-patient relationship and it should not be considered a replacement for a consultation with a healthcare professional. Natural Health Suggestions and Energy healing promotes balance, relieves stress, and supports the body's natural ability to heal and function optimally. Energy healing is widely recognized as a valuable and effective complement to conventional medical care. Your session is strictly confidential and personal information will never be shared with anyone.

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